Business Development Support

One of the most important components of any federal strategy is feet on the street – and most companies don’t have it.  It is expensive and difficult to measure success. 

When you choose isiFederal for your business development arm, we put qualified, experienced people in front of contracting officers and decision makers.  That means  a team supporting your dedicated rep carrying your  products and services everywhere we go.

We start by hiring people from various government agencies.  Not the admirals and generals, but the folks who work in the procurement trenches responsible for small and medium size contracts.  They know the inner workings of the agencies they worked with.  We leverage that knowledge to understand initiatives, connect the dots, manage those connections, understand processes and procedures and strategically place you in the mix.

When we need someone from a specific agency, we find them and make them part of our team.  As our relationships continue to grow and expand our influence, so does yours.  Currently our team connectivity reaches nearly a thousand contacts within various agencies and levels of procurement so any given day, you can be face to face with these decision makers when they are looking for products and services that you provide.

“Face to Face representation is critical. The problem with hiring someone for federal sales is it takes so long to figure out what you got. With isiFederal, our company saves at least half the expense of hiring someone and the best part is we get a team instead on one person that may or more often may not be very good.”