3 Ways to Get Special Pricing From Manufacturers

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group-special-pricingMany manufacturers will provide special discounts for federal customers with whom they are trying to establish a foothold.  Sometimes these discounts can be so deep that the winning bid is less than your price from distribution or the manufacturer. The result – even if you go in really thin you still loose.  Now, you can complain about it, or you can play that game to win.

1)    Get registered first. The key is to get the information to the manufacturers first and lock in your discount before your competitors. If you use QuikFuse for eBuy notification, you get the buyer and delivery contacts via email. The second that QuikFuse email lands, try and get special pricing. Some manufacturers will give you that pricing even if it is already on eBuy.

2)    Be Proactive.  If they bought once, they will buy again.  If you maintain a database of these contacts and reach out to them, you can build a relationship so you know before an opportunity hits GSA eBuy.  Once you have spoken to these contacts, register them with the manufacturer, you might just score that special pricing for the next eBuy quote.

3)    Leverage a Competitive Product.  So the OEM doesn’t want to budge on pricing? Why not go to a competitor and get competitive pricing from them? Often times you can get deeper discounts when trying to dislodge a Spec’d product and even get brownie points from a contracting officer for letting them know about an equivalent solution.  So, if the brand name manufacturer won’t give special pricing, see what the competitive manufacturer will do.  Most of the time they will. If you need help with “Spec Breaking” or marketing a competing product let us know!

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