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Your comprehensive federal market intelligence is based on isiFederal’s guiding principles:

  • Relationships Matter. *76% of all contracts are legally competed between 5 or less companies.
  • Federal buyers who buy from your competitors can buy from you.
  • Federal buyers will keep buying from your competitors unless you disrupt that pattern.


Proactive federal marketing is key to your successful federal contracting. isiFederal provides the data – in context with what you sell – so you can implement strategies that are effective throughout the federal sales cycle. This intelligence will enable your company to target and connect with the key decision makers responsible for buying what you sell.

Included in this intelligence is significant information about your top competitors in the federal market. We look closely at the competitive differentiators that will enable you to go head to head with the competition by revealing who is buying, what NAICS and PSC codes are being used and when sales are happening.  This enables you to evangelize your capabilities and engage buyers before the next requirement hits the street.

  • Identify ALL Agencies currently using your products and services
  • Research & Identify Contracting Officers responsible for purchasing
  • Report of contracts won by primary competitors and the people who bought from them
  • Complete list of all competitors
  • Identify Top Agencies by contract volume and dollars spent
  • Breakdown by NAICS
  • Breakdown by PSC
  • Action plan for pursuit
  • Data file created for import into CRM system

One-Hour Review & Strategy Session

  • Review intelligence
  • Identify High Value Targets
  • Review Competition
  • Develop Action Plan