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GSA eBuy is for GSA schedule holders only, so if you don’t have a schedule, you are out of luck.  Even if you do have a schedule, some GSA eBuy quotes only go to a seShortlist_GSA_eBuylect few schedule holders.  Guess who decides which ones?  That’s right – the buyers and or program people.  Instead of digging for opportunities that are on eBuy or FBO (too late and too much exposure), use that time to proactively go after the GSA eBuy contacts that have proven they buy what you sell.

1) Use QuikFuse to monitor your eBuy Opportunities.  With QuikFuse you know about opportunities faster, stay organized and it also tracks all the federal buyers and contracting officers who have been buying in your space.

3)    Ask them how they like to buy.  You know they use eBuy, what about BPA’s or IDIQ’s?  How do they feel about alternative vehicles like NASA SEWP or Army CHESS?  These are ways for you to connect to them where they live – contracting!

4)    Give them insider information.  Let them know about specific purchasing patterns in your industry and how they can get better than GSA pricing with BPA pricing or special project pricing.  Give them a sample Scope of Work with specs and let them know you have preferred pricing with the manufacturer.

5) Be persistent.  The incumbents are touching the buyers regularly – sometimes every day.  If you want to compete, make sure you stay in touch so you stay relevant the next time a requirement comes across their desk.

GSA eBuy is a massive opportunity for GSA schedule holders that understand the game and can play the game.  As we mentioned earlier tools like QuikFuse can help you get the jump on the competition and even help you eliminate your competitors altogether.

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About the author: Aisha H.

Aisha has been working exclusively in the federal market space with isiFederal, providing research and finance expertise in addition to being the Business Process Manager and assistant to CEO. She's no stranger to unpredictable, demanding environments--her past work experience includes auditing, teaching English at the Berlitz School of Language, and working for the Grand Hyatt in Dubai.

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