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isiFederal marketing principles:

  • Relationships Matter. *81% of all contracts are legally competed between 5 or less companies.
  • People buy from people they know, like and trust.
  • People who buy from your competitors can buy from you.


GOAL: Be one of the 5

Successful federal contractors don’t wait for the phone to ring, they proactively build relationships with people that matter most.  isiFederal Market Essentials provides the federal market intelligence, and our marketing services help you develop and implement strategies that are effective throughout the federal sales cycle.

Be Proactive

isiFederal provides personal email and phone introductions. Our systems allow us to do all the grunt work and follow-up so you can reap the rewards of qualified meetings with key decision makers.

Be Top of Mind

isiFederal will help you build an execute a professional, proactive and persistent market strategy that gets you in front of the right people and keeps you there so they remember who you are when they need what you do.

Be the SME
Build Your Federal Brand
Become the Go-To Resource

Most federal opportunities are competed between 5 or less competitors. By effectively reaching key decision makers and showing them you are the industry expert, you can break into that inner circle of minimized competition and get your company shortlisted as one of the 5.

GovBrief provides a professional platform for communicating directly with key stakeholders using an educationally based, step-by-step platform. Whether you are with government or industry, you can get your message directly to the people that matter most using a clear, concise GovBrief exclusive process. Focusing on key government initiatives, regulations and standards, GovBrief presents you as the subject matter expert with the information relevant to key decision makers in government programs, contracting and industry.