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  • What buyer contact information is provided?
    • Name • Agency • Email address • Phone (if available) • Past 12 month dollars spent • Number of contracts • Total spending
  • Do you provide sample reports?
  • Can you search keywords?
    Yes. isiFederal research can include keywords or brand names.
  • Do you provide email marketing services?
    Yes, isiFederal provides email marketing services. You can find those services on our marketing page.
  • Do you provide email templates?
    Yes, isiFederal provides email templates as part of our marketing services. You can find those services here: isiFederal Marketing Services.
  • Do these reports include program managers?
    No. These reports are buyer reports only because they follow the contracting officer and vendor. While there is no list of program personnel, isiFederal may be able to assist in reaching program managers using GovBrief or a custom research service.
  • How do I get or renew my GSA Schedule?
    Coming soon - we can help with that!
  • How do I market my company to federal buyers?
    Federal marketing - email sends, GovBrief
  • I'm new to federal contracting. Where do I start?
    coming soon
  • How can I see my competitors?
    Market essentials (federal data)
  • I want to become a sub-contractor. How do I do that?
    coming soon
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