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What is Market Essentials Premium?

Market Essentials is isiFederal's premier intelligence report. Our three-phase comprehensive federal market assessment and analysis provides you with an
in-depth perspective of the federal competitive landscape based on what you sell.

Assessment time is approximately two weeks. Cost is $4,950.
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How can Market Essentials help?

Where to Begin

Market Essentials Premium is a three-phase (meeting) process that takes place over two weeks.

Phase I
Initial Meeting
30 Minutes
Phase II
Preliminary Intelligence Review
30 Minutes

The initial meeting includes a review of your SAM registration codes (NAICS and PSC), company keywords, competitors (if known), your GSA schedule, certifications, and potential partners. 

We will also identify your main market and feeder markets to conduct research.

The preliminary intelligence review will analyze all of the data provided to us via the federal market.

In this in-depth look, we will:

     Analyze buying cycle by month

     Identify additional competitors to research

     Adjust criteria as needed

Phase III
Final Intelligence Review
45 Minutes

The final stage will conclude your Market Essentials Premium Report. This includes a full review of buyer contacts, target agencies, competitor relationships, the buying cycle, and contract activity.

We will also provide additional research if necessary and recommendations for your marketing approach.

Get started below!

Market Essentials Premium - $4,950.00

The isiFederal team is dedicated to getting you the most accurate and up-to-date federal market data. To ensure to provide you with the best service, we need to collect some information from you.

Tell Us Where You Are In Your Federal Journey

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Where are you on your federal journey?
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